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Encoding creativity with a peer to peer active learning environment for doers

From basic digital skills to advanced technical trainings
From hard skills to soft skills
Embark on a 6 month intensive journey + 1 month of internship

Hands on learning

Project-based courses aimed at developing autonomy, curiosity and resilience


Simulating a working environment for pedagogical purposes and coaching trainees

For a future proof job

Skill-sets to become a competent professional and adapt to a fast-changing environment

Companies' involvement

Companies participate in the program design, co-develop projects and offer internships

How it works ?

Simplon methodology

No tuition fee

Hybrid on-site/online model

Yerevan but not only

Facilitate integration into the professional world

Our pillars: Inclusion, Connection, Experimentation, Impact

Inclusive culture

Overcome social and pathway burdens to foster collective intelligence and promote an equal access to education

Network oriented

Develop connected and self learning communities in active interaction with other programs, incubators, enterprises

Experiment in real life conditions

Develop a hands on experimentation culture with the right stakeholders to foster the transition into the job market

Encode creativity for Impact

Promote technology and innovation for sustainable impact and tackle our social, environmental and economical challenges

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