Relq a free school of « digitech
makers », encoding creativity

100% Free & Inclusive

Hybridation is paramount. A tuition free Relq journey regardless of your background.

Peer to peer

We believe the best way to learn is learning by doing and learning from the best, with your peers and subject matter experts

In real life conditions

Develop hands on experimentations with the right stakeholders and boster the transition into the job market. Tackle social, environmental and economical challenges for a sustainable future

Building communities

Develop connected and self learning communities in active

Our mission

We are on a mission to close opportunity gaps in tech to empower armenian generations of digital creators. Building skills, building communities and enabling the transition to the job market.

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Give help to the digital makers of tomorrow here

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Seda P.

Je prends part au voyage Relq en tant que passionnée, et parce que je crois au mariage entre technologie et formation.